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RSPOT Solutions provide wireless solutions for everyone such as businesses and households. As we are experiencing a global pandemic, Internet has become such a important asset in our everyday lives; these solutions can aid those who are in need of a stronger connection or perhaps provide for others.

Zyxel LTE7240-M403 4G LTE Outdoor Router

The ZYXEL LTE7240 Outdoor Router is the perfect solution to setup a WiFi connection to hard to reach places and to areas with little to no proper Internet connection. Powered by the Ethernet(PoE) it can provide internet via LAN or Sim Card with an active data plan.

The ZYXEL LTE7240 also has an amazing feature called “Failover” where is one connection is disabled, it will automatically switch to the next connection.

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  • Fast LTE Cat4 with up to 150Mbps.
  • Support Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Micro SIM card slot
  • Weatherproof IP56 housing.
  • Bridge Mode / Router Mode
  • Two 7dbi internal antennas.

The Zyxel LTE3316-M604 4G LTE-A Indoor Router

Much similar to the LTE7240 this is its indoor version. While providing the same features as the LTE7240 such as capable of providing Internet via WiFi and LAN ports, the difference being is that it is not powered by ethernet and has multiple LAN ports perfect for an additional router not only those but it is able to function as a telephone using its built in telephone jack.

Click Here for full list of specifications.

  • Cellular and Ethernet WAN failover and failback
  • Support IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack
  • DHCP server/client
  • ICMP supported (LAN and/or WAN, disable)
  • Multiple APNs***
  • VPN pass through (PPTP/IPSec and L2TP pass-through)
  • L2TPv2 and GRE VPN client mode
  • Data roaming disable/enable
  • IP firewall
  • Port forwarding DMZ
  • Support NAT Router mode
  • Support Bridge mode (IP pass-through)
Both LTE7240 and LTE3316 have the same configuration web page. While there are some features that differ from one another, it is relatively easy to setup both routers depending on the user’s needs.
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