Industrial GSM Gateway

RSPOT Solutions provide Industrial GSM Gateways capable of providing alerts via Email or SMS, perfect for monitoring your devices with the help of Cervello.

MTX-IoT-S 4G programmable IoT modem with 8x digital I/O, 2x ADC

The MTX-IoT-S is an innovative and powerful all-in-one solution for the IoT sector. It features a very effective ULP (Ultra Low Power) system that allows the device to work with primary batteries for years. This feature, together with its set of interfaces (RS232, RS485, USB, DI/O, ADC…) and the embedded MTX-Tunnel firmware, provides the MTX-IoT-S with a router-like functionality, and makes this modem ideal for most IoT applications, with no need for further hardware, shortening the time-to-market, and providing a cost-effective solution.


MTX-T Basic 4G/3G Programmable IoT Modem

The MTX-T is an innovative and powerful all-in-one solution for the most demanding M2M and IoT applications that allows high-speed data transmission LTE / 4G / 3G / 2G, CSD and SMS. The MTX-T are programmable in Java J2ME and have a complete set of interfaces (RS232, RS485, mini USB, 1x digital input) avoiding the need for more hardware, shortening the time of commercialization and reducing costs.


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