• S16

    The Shinho S16 Fusion Splicer is a high-tech tool tailored for precise fiber optic fusion splicing. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface guarantee seamless, low-loss connections, appealing to telecom professionals and network technicians. Its compact, portable design enhances convenience, enabling efficient splicing in diverse field settings.

  • X-500

    The X500 Fusion Splicer establishes new benchmarks in fiber optic splicing with cutting-edge technology and remarkable performance, ensuring minimal splice loss and robust optical connections. Its user-friendly interface and durable design make it suitable for both lab and field use, making it a dependable choice for telecommunications and data networking professionals.

  • X-900

    The X-900 Fusion Splicer embodies the epitome of fiber optic splicing technology, delivering unparalleled precision and performance. Its cutting-edge features, including automatic alignment and real-time monitoring, guarantee minimal splice loss and dependable connections. Whether used in demanding field conditions or controlled laboratory settings, the X-900 stands out as the top choice for professionals seeking the utmost quality in telecommunications and data network splicing.



  •  6 seconds Splicing 7 18 secods heating
  •  Automatic & real-time ARC calibration
  •  Industrial quad-core CPU, faster & more stable
  • Real-time heating temperature monitoring
    anti-shock, anti vibration, dust-proof & water proof
  •  Apply to 250um/0.9mm/2.0mm/3.0mm fibers etc.
  • Suitable for meduim backbone, Fttx projects


  • Small and light, easy to carry
    7 seconds splicing & 26 seconds heating
  • Automatic & real -time ARC calibration
    Heating temperature and time both adjustable
  • Automatic splicing and heating, easy to operate
  • Apply to bare fiber, pigtails, drop cable etc.
  • Suitable for FTTx, FTTH, CATV projects etc.

SHINHO x-900

  • 6 motors accurate core to core alignment
  • Identify fiber types(SM/MM) automatically
    6 seconds splicing & 18 seconds heating
  • Automatic & real-time ARC calibration
  • Industrial quad-core CPU with 30% power saving
  • Real-time heating temperature monitoring
  • Anti-shock, anti-vibration, dust-proof
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