Environmental Monitoring

For Data Center & other Facilities

Reliable Monitoring Solution

Disaster Prevention

Pro-Active Monitoring

Advance Monitoring

Customize Interface

SNMP Integration

API Integration

Transmission Solution

Media Converters and PoE Media Converters

Industrial L2+ Manage

and Unmanaged Switch

Industrial Fiber Switch 

Video & HD-SDI Products

M2M Solutions

Machine Automation


GSM/LTE Gateway


A Different Approach

At RSPOT, we believe the spirit under which your company was formed is a vital part of its future growth. As a Value Added Distributor in the Philippines we have developed our dedicated local dealers around the country basically focus on quality products and loyalty to our brand and principals creating expertise in terms of product knowledge while maintaining competitive pricing in the market.



Unique Solutions

Though our services are divided into basic areas , we treat all our clients as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. We’ll help you develop a customized plan to your unique position based on area of focus.



Quality Over Quantity

We believe in honoring the unique personalities, culture and market that has grown your business so far, we ensure to carry the best quality of products within our distribution network instead of mass selling low cheap products to our dealers and customers.


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